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10 Things to Know Before Detailing Your Car

Are you considering car detailing? If so, here are 10 things you absolutely have to know before going ahead to avoid causing any lasting damage to the paint and trims.

I got these tips from a good buddy of mine who owns a car detailing service in Perth called Perth Car Detailing WA. They provide me with free car detailing once per month to keep my ride looking great. If only they would clean my house aswell!

Car Detailing Perth

So here it is, Ten tips you should know when cleaning your car!

  1. Washing the Car with Lubricants

If you have your car detailed, do not touch it without a lubricant such as spray wax, soap, water, or waterless wash. These will help lift contaminants from the surface of the vehicle and help you avoid grinding soil into the paint which will have you spending a day buffing out scratches.

  1. Be Methodical

If you are detailing your car yourself, be methodical. Begin with the wheels, work towards the paint, then the interior, and finally the glass. If you fail to work this way, you’ll land up wasting time fumbling around rewashing your car. By starting with the wheels, before wetting the rest of the car, you can prevent water spots forming on the paint. Be sure to wash the glass last just in case you smudge the windows as you clean the interior.

  1. Designate a Mitt and Bucket for Painted Sections

Dirty wheels tend to contain brake dust that can scratch your paint job. Keep a designated mitt and bucket just for the painted areas, and then keep another mitt in a different bucket for your wheels.

  1. Grit Guard Insert

Be sure to use a grit guard insert within your bucket. This will help keep soiled mitts clean and stop them picking up the dirt that settles on the bottom.

  1. Use Wheel Woolies

It’s a good idea to scrub your wheels with wheel woollies. The brushes are designed to effortlessly reach into intricate lug-nut crevices and spokes.

  1. Use Microfiber Cloths

Clean your car with microfibre clothsWhen you’re working on the paint, be sure to use microfiber cloths and not sponges. These are perfect for both washing and drying as they can pick up and release dirt. Microfiber has become a popular choice today, replacing the traditional leather chamois. Experts recommend using a heavy 300 gram-per-square-meter fabric which is a lot softer on the paint.

  1. Use a Waterless Product

When it comes to car detailing, you can actually skip the water and use a waterless wash product. You can apply the product with your microfiber cloth folded in quarters. Work in a scooping motion while applying very little pressure – just enough for the cloth to pick up dirt.

  1. A Top Tip for Waxing

As for waxing, apply a light-mist spray wax to the wet painted surface. You could also use a hydrophobic drying agent. Wipe the wax dry with a damp microfiber towel which will help pick up any dirt you missed during the washing phase. You can then apply a thin layer of protection as you dry.

  1. Shoot Air in Those Hard-to-Reach Places

compressed air helps clean tight areasShoot air into those awkward spots, like taillights, mirrors, and emblems. You may want to use a portable vacuum blower for this. By doing so, you will release any trapped water that will spill out as you drive off.

My buddy at Perth Car Detailing WA uses cans of compressed air like the image shows that you can pickup at any local computer store.

  1. Use Your Vacuum’s Attachments

Finally, use the vacuum’s attachments to clean the crevices, gaps, and the air vent inside the car. These hard to reach places can be a real hassle to get clean without the right vacuum fittings.


So that is it, 10 tips you can put into action the next time you go to clean your car.For more tips and tricks subscribe to the blog or follow us on social media.Thanks for checking in!

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