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Tinting Your Car Windows: A Complete Guide

Tinted car windows will make your car look more elegant, modern, and classy. Aside from contributing to the physical appearance of your vehicle, there are several benefits of getting your car windows tinted. First is that it gives you enough privacy inside the car, it helps to lessen the damage of the UV rays and extreme harmful sunlight, and it makes you more comfortable to drive around your vehicle.

Tinting your car windows can also help you to lengthen the service life of your windows and decrease the chances of thieves targeting the items inside your vehicle. For those who have enough knowledge and proper equipment in tinting car windows, it is not impossible to tint the vehicle windows by your own and not having to visit a company or shop anymore. However, you should have the right skills required because the last thing that you wanted to have is to ruin the look of your car with large air bubbles due to tinting the window by our own.

Completed tinted windows

Aside from that, you should also make sure that you invest in high-quality tint films so that you can at least lessen the deterioration of the film as time goes by. Do not overlook this factor because it is one that could significantly affect the results of tinting the car windows by yourself.

Evaluate yourself if you can tint the car by your own. It would cost you if you commit a mistake and have to remove the tint and hire a professional to do it for you. You can just choose reputable and reliable companies to get the job done right if you aren’t that sure that you can finish the project on your own.

You also have to choose among the various types of car tints on the perfect one that will look right in your vehicle. The darkest tint that is legalised to apply as of now is the Octane. It improves the appearance of the car and makes sure that occupants inside the vehicle are protected from the harmful UV rays and direct contact with the sunlight. There is also the unbreakable window film for those who are keen about the durability. It is seven times thicker compared to a standard car tint that can provide you all the protection that you need in protecting yourself while you are inside the car. Formula 1 is for those drivers who considers the maximum protection that they can get because it offers up to SPF50+ and reduces the glare of the sunlight.

For those people who are interested in learning how to tint car windows, various companies offer lessons and training on how to properly tint a car. This will help you to provide impressive and satisfactory service in tinting car windows. You will also learn how to choose the right products to use and improve your artistry in order to get your desired result.

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Everything You Need to Know About Car Tinting

If you just bought a car, you should consider getting your car windows tinted. While it may seem like an overwhelming task to complete, there are just several factors that you need to find to get the job done right. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and the answers to help you get started with your window tinting:

Does the car tinting been legalized?

Most of the car owners often wonder if tinting their car windows is even legal in their state. The answer is yes, it is legalized in almost all countries. You just have to make sure that you follow the darkness limit of car tint. Your car window tint should not surpass the limit, or else you will get a violation. You can ask for assistance from the consultants and team of professionals to get the right tint for your car windows. There are various options that you can choose from. The team at Window Tinting Perth Now have all the information and experties required to provide the right car tinting for your needs.

How much is the average cost of tinting your car window?

There is no fixed price for tinted car windows. It will usually depend on the type and the size that you wanted to tint your vehicle. A good company will be able to provide you a gallery or portfolio of their sample car tint so that you can choose the best for your vehicle. If you have already created a budget, then make sure to limit your search to those who are in range with your budget only.

dark windows

How can I maintain tinted car windows?

Now that your vehicle windows had been tinted, you should take care of it properly so that you can benefit from it for the next couple of years. There are some lint-free clothes that you can use in cleaning your tinted car windows. Make sure that you only choose a mild cleaning product in cleaning your windows to avoid it from getting damaged. Also, in the first 21 days after it had been tinted, while it may be tempting to clean it, do not just yet. Wait for the right time after its drying period so that you make sure that it had been tinted properly before you start cleaning it.

How long is the process of tinting my car?

Again, the answer to this question will depend on the size and type of tint that you wanted to put into your vehicle windows. The average time duration of car tinting process, it will usually take for about 2 hours. It will just take an extra hour or two if you tend to replace the old tint in your car because they will have to remove it first and clean it before putting on the new one.

As a starting guide, the tips above are everything that you need to know about car tinting. If you are sure about tinting your car windows, then you should look for reputable companies that can work according to your wishes and help you achieve your desired result. For more on window tinting, check out our post about the benefits of tinting in perth’s heat, as tinting your windows in Australia is both benefitial to you and your vehicle.

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Benefits of Window Tinting in Perth

The weather in Perth is exceptional and may be enjoyable when out on the town or walking the streets, but during the hottest months of the year, your car will begin to suffer from the extreme temperatures that build-up inside your automobile. Whether you drive a sedan, a sports utility vehicle (SUV), or a hatchback, automotive tinting is an ideal solution to the high heat index, as well as the added security and aesthetic appeal it brings.

Heat Rejection

Adding a layer of tinting to any automobile will not only make the car look more appealing, but actually lower the inside temperatures your car may face when basking in the sunlight for any extended periods of time. The front window is designed to give you a wider perspective of the outside for optimal safety and viewing angle, but is subpar in the reflective arena, allowing massive amounts of light and heat into your automobile’s interior.

The extra film of tinting on the rest of the glass surfaces will drastically decrease the influx of heat being disbursed throughout the vehicle, lowering the heat distribution about 40% to 70%. This improvement will significantly help keep you and your belongings at a safer, cooler temperature when away from the vehicle.

Added Comfort

If your automobile has been sitting in the intense Perth sun for several hours, getting back inside may be uncomfortable depending on the outside temperature, because the warmer it is outside the more heat will become trapped. Not only does adding automotive tinting help reflect heat, but it also filters a lot of the sunlight, dramatically decreasing the quantities of heat becoming locked inside.

Filtering out at least 60% of the sunlight in total will spare your automobile of the intense heat build-up and inflation that occurs as it sits in direct contact. Your extremities will suffer once back inside as well as your precious interior and accessories. The heat is uncomfortable and problematic for the majority of the interior components and surfaces and may result in things such as dashboard degradation.

Your passengers will also appreciate the additional comfort offered from a good tinting service, as they will be able to enter in leisure without suffering from the heat impact. A quality servicing will ensure your vehicle is optimally equipped to handle the severe Perth sun and extend the life and beauty of your automobile in comfort and style. Get in touch with Window Tinting Perth Now for information and inquiries into equipping your automobile will the perfect tint necessary today!

How Dark Can It Be?

Dark Window Tints in Australia

Every state in Australia requires there to be a minimum visual light transmission of approximately 35% excluding the rear and front windscreens, meaning there has to be at least 35% of the light able to be passed through the glass. The only exceptions are for commercial vehicles and buses which may have different laws on light restrictions.

For more information and resources about Window tinting in Perth and the laws and regulations you must follow, get in touch with Window Tinting Perth Now.

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